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Dr. Igor Gongalskyy Reviews

Amazing services by Dr. Igor he is really a hard work on your pain I was in pain in my lower back to the knee couldn’t sleep in nights or sit properly in day time but after visiting 4 times I am pain free I would highly recommend dr. Zyed and dr. Igor for best Chiro practice A big thanks to dr.Igor

Kumar Gurdita
October 14, 2020

I visited Dr. Gongalskyy with back and shoulder pains that I had been dealing with for some time now. After one session I noticed a positive diffrence. He set me up with an at home program along with a few more chiropractic sessions and now I’m happy to say I’ve been pain free for several months. Dr. Gongalskyy is very knowlegdeable and professional, he doesn’t rush the process and really seems to care about the treatment he is giving. I would strongly recommend Dr. Gongalskyy to whomever is looking for an excellent Chiropractor!

Matt Dzieduszycki
October 10, 2020

Had a great experience here with treatment from Dr. Gongalskyy. Made the session optimal and professional. Definitely will come back for treatment in the future!

Kayden Johnson
October 10, 2020

By far the best experience ever. I realize that each of us have different issues, but in my case after being in pain ( I could not walk, my knee was just killing me) for couple of weeks after just one visit-treatment I’m able to WALK !! and it feels so so good, I could not believe it.
Thank you doctor Igor.

Myra Lewis
October 9, 2020

Those issues with my knees were something I thought I would never see resolved, Dr Gongalskyy thank you so much for helping me overcome injury and feel confident again in my knees.

Dr. Cool
October 9, 2020

Great experience! Very professional, knowledgable and friendly. Dr. Gongalskyy explains everything and ensures you understand. Highly recommended.

Russell Pahl
October 8, 2020

I am a mother of three small kids and I was experiencing chronic back pain for years. Dr.Gongalskyy was able to fix my back with two treatments. I would definitely recommend him. He is a very professional and knowledgeable chiropractor.

Olga Izmailov
October 1, 2020

Dr. G is fantastic. I’d primarily been experiencing significant pain and mobility restrictions with my right shoulder for several years, and had been to see several chiropractors and massage therapists to no meaningful avail. I saw Dr. G 3-4 times initially which provided more relief and mobility than I’d come to think would be possible now, at my age and given the cumulative wear & tear on my shoulder, but his combination of chiro, massage, physio and accupuncture (a first for me!) really did the trick! Thanks Doc!

Derek Mercey
September 14, 2020

Dr. Igor Gongalsky provided a professional and educational experience while getting to the root of my pain and symptoms. He helped me understand why I was experiencing pain and provided the care and therapy to alleviate and eradicate stress in the target areas. Best professional treatment I have experienced thus far.

Christopher Lawrence
September 11, 2020

Dr. Gongalskyy is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to pin pointing the root cause of my pain. He takes the time to help his patients understand what is happening and why there may be pain, as well as helping them avoid/work on certain problem areas outside of the clinic. He is dedicated to ensuring his clients are treated but also educated about their own bodies. As an athlete, I take great comfort in knowing that Dr. Gongalskyy not only has the medical credentials but he himself is also an athlete and can relate to my specific sport injuries better than a general chiropractor can. I would highly recommend Dr. Gongalskyy!

September 7, 2020

Great to be treated by a Dr that knows and cares how to recover sport injuries, his attention to detail makes him top 10 percent in the city. Thanks again for helping me with my hip and shoulder injuries

July 12, 2020


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