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Playing your favorite sport is a great way to stay healthy, fit and mentally focussed. However, injuries happen and can keep you away from the ice, pitch or the next tee box. At GMG – Chiropractic and wellness center we can treat and prevent your sports injury, so you can come back to the beloved sport as soon as possible. Furthermore, GMG chiropractic will provide our patients (weekend worriers) with personalized guided rehabilitation exercise routine to follow to unsure that injury does not happen again.

There are countless types of sports injuries that can involve any body part. Injury during or the result of sports can be attributed to bad lifting technique, insufficient warm up, fatigue and/or physical shape. Soft tissue injury happens when demand exceeds capacity (in regular words) when you ask too much of your muscles, ligaments and tendons too much. Sport injuries include strain and sprain, bruising, contusions, concussions and even broken bones.

In this article we will discuss the types of injuries by body part as well as most common type of injury per sport.

Types of sports injuries

  • Strains (muscle injury)
  • Sprains (Ligament injury) rolled ankle
  • Ligament tear or rupture
  • Meniscus Injury
  • Dislocation
  • Fracture
  • Concussions

Neck Pain Sport injury

Neck Pain Sport injury

Neck pain is very common after playing sports and it can keep you away from your favourite sport for days and even weeks. Neck pain can be caused by ligament pain, muscular pain, disc herniation and degenerative changes. Whether you have stiffness and tightness in the neck or pain between the shoulder blades, both of those things can prevent you from playing a good round in golf or not being able to serve the ball. If you are experiencing neck pain while playing or following day contact the GMG – Chiropractic and Wellness center. We will be able to provide you with world class chiropractic care for the sport injury you sustained.

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Shoulder Pain Sport Injury

Shoulder Pain Sport Injury

Shoulder joint is the most complex joints in the human body. There are lot of moving parts that need to work together. Shoulder injuries are mainly result of overuse leading to rotator cuff injuries, impingements and/or tendon injury. Those overuse injuries are often associated with lack of mobility, muscle weakness and muscle disbalance.

It is absolutely crucial to identify the root cause of the pain. Which muscle, tendon or ligament is causing the disbalance or weakness. Without proper assessment and diagnosis your pain will not go away. Furthermore, without highly specific sports injury rehab program, injury will linger for month and even years. At GMG – Chiropractic our doctors have special interest in sports injuries treatment and rehabilitation.

Elbow Pain Sport Injury

Elbow Pain Sport Injury

If you are a tennis player or an avid golfer, this paragraph is for you. Golf and tennis are very demanding sports for the forearm muscles and elbow pain is very common in both sports. Mainly, it is a result of overuse of the muscles in your forearm. The main difference between those two are the location of your pain. Golfer’s elbow usually happens on the medial side of the elbow (side closer to your body) and the tennis elbow happens on the lateral side of the elbow. If you ever googled sport injury rehabilitation near me you are in the right spot. GMG Chiropractic provides physical therapy and sports injury rehabilitation so you can return to play even stronger and confident than before the injury.

Back Injury Sports

Back Injury Sports

Tons of people experience back pain while playing sports or the next day. Back pain is usually multifactorial (number of contributing factors) in nature. Reasons for back pain is jumping into game like situation without proper warmup and/or proper muscle activation prior the game. Also, in my opinion most common reason for the back pain is playing your favorite sport after prolonged period of inactivity. Core muscles and low back stabilizing muscles work together to produce maximum stability in the lower back area. Any sport injury rehabilitation should encompass sport specific movements and focus on the root (cause) of the injury and not just pain alone.

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Knee Sports Injury

Knee Sports Injury

Knee injuries in sports are very common. When we run, walk, skate or jump we put tremendous amounts of pressure on the knees. There are many components to the knee that potentially can be injured, ligaments, tendons, muscles itself, meniscus. A lot of times knee pain can be caused by the tight muscles, muscle disbalances and/or faulty biomechanics. At GMG – Chiropractic we will assess every component of the knee and will determine the cause of the pain. The goal of the treatment is to provide pain relief, maintain pain free and prevent the injury from reoccurring. Dr. Gongalskyy identifies the root cause of the pain and provides extremely detailed sport injury rehabilitation routine for his patients to prevent the injury from coming back.

Ankle Sports Injury

Ankle Sports Injury

There are 30 joints, 26 bones and more than 100 muscles in the ankle and the foot. Athletes are at risk of sustaining the ankle injury at any given day. Ankle sprains (ligament injury) are repetitive in nature if not rehabbed correctly. Once you rolled your ankle, it is very common to continue injuring the ankle to progress to chronic ankle sprain. It is absolutely crucial to strengthen intrinsic and extrinsic muscles in the ankle and foot to prevent injury from reoccurring. Sport rehabilitation Mississauga for the ankle injury at GMG – Chiropractic will provide comprehensive diagnosis, treatment plan and rehabilitation routine to ensure fast pain relief, return to play and prevent the future injuries.

Common questions about sports injuries treatment

Do I need an X-Ray before seeing a chiropractor with the sport injury?
Generally, patients will not require an x-ray before the chiropractic treatment. However, if the chiropractor determines that the injury was traumatic enough and identifies some red flags, chiropractor may refer the patient for an x-ray.
Do I apply ice or heat to the injury?
Typically, people will tell you to apply the ice to an acute injury. Ice can reduce pain sensation, decrease blood flow to the area subsequently reducing inflammation. In acute injury apply ice to restrict the blood flow to the area to reduce the inflammation. In chronic type of injury heat can provide extra blood flow to the area and increase muscle activation. However, there are no consensus which is better. Thus, it is totally up to the athlete what to use.
How Can a Chiropractor Help After Sports Injury?
Chiropractors are the specialists in musculoskeletal pain. Chiropractors undergo 4 years of extensive spinal adjustments, soft tissues and mobilizations techniques. Also, chiropractors are required to take 4 years of biomechanics and biomechanical assessments. Therefore, a knowledgeable chiropractor will be able to assess the faulty biomechanics, weakness, strength and muscle disbalances of the patient and provide pain relieve and speed up return to play.
When should I see a doctor for my sports injury?
Injuries are very common in every sport, whether it’s a golfer’s elbow or rolled ankle on the basketball court or pulled groin in the beer league. If injuries are not address in adequate time with proper rehabilitation techniques, they tend to linger and keep the athlete away from the game. Come in to see a chiropractor with the sports injury as soon as possible. Sooner athlete starts the treatment and rehab routine faster athlete will return to play.

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